Lineartiles has entered into partnerships with three major appliance companies to provide you with the widest selection possible :













(Click on the below logos to see some of the appliances which are on display in our showroom at Unit 5, Zennor Road, Balham, London , SW12 0PS.)



Miele Appliances set amongst our kitchens


The four colours of Miele:

  • CleanSteel 
  • Obsidian Black
  • Havana Brown 
  • Brilliant White


These are the selection of Miele appliances which you can see at our showroom :

Steam Oven DG 6600
Built-in steam oven with large clear text display and sensor controls for greater ease of use

  • Perfect results thanks to MultiSteam technology
  • Everything ready at the same time – Automatic menu cooking
  • Particularly flexible and efficient thanks to extra large trays
  • Success guaranteed – intelligent automatic programmes
  • For greater convenience – SensorTronic

Combi Oven H 6600 BM

Built-in microwave combination oven with combination operating modes and food probe for precise cooking results

  • 5 line TFT clear text display with touch controls – SensorTronic
  • Simple cleaning – cabinet with PerfectClean and linen-weave pattern
  • Achieve perfect results with ease – Automatic programmes
  • Precise temperature controlled roasting – Food probe
  • Fresh popcorn at the single touch of a button – ‘Popcorn’ button


Fridge Freezer Combi KFNS 37432 iD

Built-in fridge-freezer combination with impressive ease of use thanks to FlexiLight illumination and the SoftClose door closure

  • Individually adjustable glass edge illumination with FlexiLight
  • Dishwasher-proof door shelves – ComfortClean
  • Store food wherever you like – Dynamic cooling
  • Frozen food doesn’t freeze together and defrosting is a thing of the past thanks to Frost free
  • Gentle door closing thanks to SoftClose
Single Oven H 6660 BP

Built-in oven with AirClean catalyser and food probe for precise cooking results

  • 5 line TFT clear text display with touch controls – SensorTronic
  • Perfecting results when baking and roasting – Moisture plus
  • The easiest way to clean – Pyrolytic clean accessories
  • Achieve perfect results with ease – Automatic programmes
  • Precise temperature controlled roasting – Food probe

Induction Hob KM 6386
Induction hob with onset controls maximum width for the very best in ergonomic handling

  • Intuitive rapid selection with numerical linear keypad – DirectSelection Plus
  • Attractive design – 94 cm wide with all-round frame
  • Versatile and fast – 5 cooking zones incl. 1 PowerFlex area
  • Hob-to-hood communication – Con@ctivity automatic function
  • Large performance range – keeping food warm function and TwinBooster
Dishwasher G5685 SCVi XXL
 3D cutlery tray, A+++, 14 Place settings, 43dB(A), Fully integrated
This top-of-the-range, fully integrated XXL dishwasher is designed for kitchens with higher worktops, offering outstanding capacity and high-performance cleaning. Its A+++ energy rating makes it one of the most energy efficient dishwashers in the range, and it’s also one of the quietest. Like all our dishwashers, it has been built and tested to provide up to 20 years of reliable use. This high-spec model comes complete with the full range of advanced functions that enable it to deliver the ultimate in dishwasher technology. In addition to all the great features of other dishwashers in this range, this model boasts additional advanced technology such as Load Recognition, which adjusts water usage based on how full the dishwasher is, and an Intensive Lower Basket setting that provides intensive cleaning for heavily soiled pots and pans while maintaining gentle cleaning for the upper basket. Its 3D cutlery tray is exclusive to Miele and is designed to accommodate larger utensils such as ladles with ease, while maintenance is made easy by the unique in-door salt container, which provides instant access for refilling. As well as offering exceptional cleaning performance, this Miele dishwasher is designed to fit conveniently around your lifestyle. Features such as SensorDry and AutoOpen drying reduce the need for manual drying. There’s also a 24 hour Delay Start feature, which allows you to time your dishwasher to run whenever suits you, and a Turbo option that reduces the duration of the cleaning programme by up to 30% without compromising on quality. Furthermore, an extra quiet washing mode means that you’ll never be disturbed by this dishwasher, no matter when you choose to use it, and like all our dishwashers, it also features an innovative waterproof system that protects your home from flooding in the unlikely event of a leak.




The Vertigo Integrated fridge freezer


Giving you the best of both worlds: fully flush installation combined with the robustness of stainless steel doors.


Not only do the shelves easily adjust to whatever height you want to make the best use of the space, but you can also completely
reorganise your refrigerator to meet your specific requirements by customising the large multipurpose bottom drawer compartment.

Vertigo’s incredible versatility enables you to use this space in fridge, freezer or Dynamic 0° mode, the special function created especially for preserving fresh foods and speciality ingredients.
The wine cellars provide extensive shelving for up to 81 bottles of your precious collection of vintage wines.
But it’s not only quantity that matters so we also looked after all the quality aspects.

Controlled temperature and adjusted humidity are essential to maintaining freshness and flavour, so fridges and wine cellars are equipped with smart features to preserve, chill and freeze with the utmost care.



Fridge, Dynamic 0° or Freezer: the Vertigo Access menu gives you the freedom to choose how you use the Multi-Temperature Drawer.
The Multi-Temperature Drawer can be used as additional fridge space, or switched to Dynamic 0° mode to give you more room for your freshest produce and specialty ingredients.
It also functions as a freezer for storing your frozen goods or freezing your favourite homemade dishes so they are always ready when needed.


Dynamic 0° is a double drawer compartment that guarantees all your fresh produce, meats, fish and dairy products are perfectly preserved in the optimum environment.
It offers the best possible conditions for specialty cheeses and succulent filet mignon steaks, while keeping crispy salads crisper and leafy vegetables as fresh as the day they were bought.


Low temperatures in combination with correct humidity levels slow down the proliferation of bacteria and decay and prevent fresh foods losing moisture, keeping everything fresher for longer.
Just select a temperature between -2 and +2 degrees for the drawers, and the humidity level in the compartment is automatically adjusted accordingly.


Creating and managing space in your refrigerator has never been easier.
Vertigo’s compartments and shelves offer unrivalled flexibility and adapt to the individual needs of every creative cook.
Immediately find all the room you need for a big weekly shop, bulky items or platters of gourmet delights for a dinner party: the shelves can be conveniently split and individually adjusted to any height, transforming the interior into a well-organised, versatile space that’s wonderfully practical and designed for all your needs.







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